Francesca Sidoti is a mountains-bred songwriter.  Her follow-up release,  ‘Houses’ is the twin to her first album, the small town to the big city of ‘Bright City Light Fool’. In this coming-of-age album, a simple idea weaves throughout; that the houses we live in become an embodiment of who we are.

Sidoti is a songwriter of contemporary Australia. In ‘Houses’, a recognisable but rarely captured landscape emerges. A tourist town, caught between peak periods and empty shop facades. A love letter to the late afternoon light of Sydney and the disingenuousness of the Hills Hoist dream. Folk music has always been about place, and this contemporary folk gem brings those traditions to a modern outlook.

In ‘Rhapsody With Windows Down’, we hear the Great Western Highway and that first dash for car-laden freedom.  In Áll That Runs’, the Hills Hoist backyards of our national psyche are found wanting and, in the truly great tradition of love songs to Sydney, ‘The House Where We Would Live’ paints the most poignant of pictures about the hopes we store in place, and how much our backyards and screen doors mean to us as people. Sidoti has captured a hidden landscape and charted its importance, creating an intricate work of contemporary folk.

Accompanied by the talents of Pete Drummond, Luke Wellington, Al Ward, and Chris Tomczyk, ‘Houses’ is a coming-of-age recording, both of a musician and songwriter. It is an album of doorways and highways. It is a tale of the keys we leave on the kitchen bench, and how much they can determine who we are as people.